Relationship: The Foundation of Discipline

Parenting relationship discipline

Written by Dr. John Carosso The discipline trap How beneficial is time-out, taking away the TV, or ‘grounding’ a child from going outside? Of course, as most parents have come to find, all of these discipline strategies can be effective. However, what happens if you rely too heavily on these strategies? Well, first, your household can become like a gulag; […]

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Autism: Squirt in the face for misbehavior?

Written by Dr. John Carosso Water in the face, Tabasco sauce… There have been some recent stories about parents and teachers using ‘aversive’ techniques to ‘punish’ autistic children for misbehavior. One boy was stuffed in a bag and another was squirted in the face with water. I’ve also heard stories of parents using Tabasco hot sauce on the tongue of […]

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Improve Your Child’s Community Behavior

Written by Dr. Carosso No Drama Outings: As many of you are too well aware, taking your kids out to the store, or restaurant, can be as adventure-packed as any Indiana Jones movie. However, those are occasions you’d rather do without the drama. Get some help: If you want some help to improve your child’s behavior during outings, just go […]

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ADHD: 5 Top Tips / new ADHD E-Pamphlet

Hair-loss prevention The behavior of children with attention deficit and hyperactivity can cause parents to pull out their hair. So, before you become bald, which clearly would add insult to injury, you may want some pointers. Fortunately, I have an approach to treating hyperactive kids that might save what’s left of your hair. I love you just the way you […]

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