Chores Part II: Ages, Appropriateness, and Allowance

child doing chores

Written by Dr. John Carosso

Types of chores

I’m often asked what types of chores are most appropriate for my child based on age, and whether to pay for the child completing chores?

Ages for chores?

Of course the type of chore depends on your child’s developmental level, but children as young as two can start helping to clean-up their toys, and 4-5 year-olds can clean their room (with direction and oversight), and help clean-up around the house. Between ages 7-10 many kids are more than capable of emptying the garbage, putting away the dishes, vacuuming, dusting, and wiping-up the floor. Teens can start doing laundry, cooking…

Allowance for chores?

That can be left up to you, but you may want to consider that children do not get paid for chores that are part of ‘all of us live here together and need to pitch-in’. However, it may seem reasonable to pay for chores that go above and beyond such as washing and waxing the family car, doing windows, cutting the grass, shoveling snow, cutting the hedges… Some of you may not consider these chores to be ‘above and beyond’, which is fine, and others provide an allowance for daily chores such as emptying the garbage – whatever works for you.

Just do it!!

It’s not so much what chores or whether you pay, it’s that you ‘do it’ in terms of enforcing your kids doing chores, becoming more responsible, not relying on you, pitching in, and having a sense of accomplishment. Think of being on your hammock with your lemonade while your kids take care of the housework 😉

Your feedback

As always, I’d love your feedback regarding what works for you to get your kids to do chores, if you pay, and how that’s working for you? You can email me at Thank you and God bless.

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