How To Talk To Your Kids About Terrorism (‘The Incredibles’ Approach)

Parenting- parent reassuring child

Written by Dr. John Carosso Did you see that movie? The Incredibles is a great flick; probably one of the best animated movies. This family starts out as this dysfunctional unit who can’t communicate, are at-odds with one another, feeling no confidence or competence, but end-up coming together as a fighting force ready to take on the world and then […]

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Let’s Talk About Dyslexia

Written by Dr. John Carosso ‘Dyslexia’ does not have to mean ‘disability’ If your child has a reading disorder, better known as dyslexia, it’s vital you understand the underpinnings of the problem and where to turn for help. In that respect,  you and your child need to know that the problem does not reside with him or her, but with […]

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